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SCAN provides professional services in three main areas -- investigations, education and training, and executive and personal protection.

SCAN detectives are well versed in the latest security technologies and practices, and employ the best methods derived from U.S. Secret Service and British Special Air Service (SAS) doctrine.


SCAN has been an invaluable asset to the legal, law enforcement and private communities in central ohio for over 20 years. SCAN detectives offer a range of investgative services such as interviewing victims and witnesses, retreival and assembly of complex data, locating individuals and conducting background checks.

Examples of our investigative experience include:

  • Domestic Relations - SCAN detectives are experts at negotiating a non-violent resolution to divorce. In many situations, SCAN is instrumental in maintaining a peaceful resolution during issues of property division, asset recovery, and assuming the role of mediator as legal avenues are pursued.

  • Officer Defense - SCAN will thoroughly investigate officer-related incidents and uncover the true facts of a situation.

  • DateCheck - SCAN's unique DateCheck service investigates the background of people you have met in social situations.

  • Background Checks - SCAN conducts background checks for organizations and individuals around the world. Our background checking services include pre-employment screening, criminal records checks, court records searches, driving records, etc.

  • Missing Persons - We use advanced, proprietary databases to help find or locate missing people for both consumers and business. Discounted quantity search services are available to our business clients.

  • Witness Location - SCAN uses advanced technology and know-how to locate witnesses who are important to the client's case or situation.

Education and Training

SCAN provides both introductory and advanced courses in counter-criminal strategies and tactics. SCAN instructors specialize in high-performance tactical, SWAT, and special operations training to law enforcement agencies.

Our mission is to assess each student's ability and construct an efficient operational team for critical incident management. SCAN has taught hundreds of students from the military, federal agencies, corporate security departments, and numerous public service organizations.

Executive and Personal Protection

Prepared to take action SCAN detectives keep influential executives and at-risk individuals out of harm's way. SCAN identifies vulnerabilities and provides tailored programs for executives, witnesses, families and individuals at home or while traveling. Assessments of risk and exposure levels determine the scope and nature of the protection. SCAN will assess any form of potential and actual threat, provide recommendations and implement protective measures.

Trained in accordance with U.S. Secret Service and British SAS principles, our agents specialize in proactive security procedures designed to recognize, analyze, and neutralize risks before they become problems. Our experienced operatives are seasoned in the field and provide the trust, confidentiality, and performance that should be expected by this type of sensitive service.

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