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Private Eyes Can Make or Break a Case - A recent article in the Columbus Dispatch provides an example of how a private investigator can uncover information that is vital to the outcome of a trial.   (Article in PDF - 60k)

On-line Assessments

SCAN Time Assessment - Test your reaction time

Professional and Trade Associations

Ohio Private Investigators Network (OPIN) - A group of people who routinely hire private investigators (including law enforcement agencies, attorneys, private citizens, civil service organizations, business owners and executives). OPIN shares information with the public about the performance and qualifications of individual private investigators in the State of Ohio.
American Psychological Association
Clayton I.D.S., Inc. Custom software design and development for office and mobile solutions for Police and Fire/EMS entities.


The Triangle of Safety for Working Women - The only guide to personal safety written specifically for working women
Rat/Cat Manual of Executive Protection - Developed by SCAN instructors to accompany the 3-day Executive Protection Training seminar. This handy guide provides both fundamental and advanced instructions on how to protect others

Reference - FindLaw provides a comprehensive set of legal resources for legal professionals, businesses, students and individuals.
Maps and Imagery - LandVoyage allows users to find and access aerial photos, satellite imagery, and USGS topo maps of anywhere in the continental United States.
NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Ohio Administrative and Revised Code

Support Groups

Survivors of Suicide Support Group - In Central Ohio call toll free 1-800-684-2324

Tactical Hardware

ASP Batons - Easily carried and readily available the ASP expandable baton has exceptional psychological deterrence and unparalleled control potential.
Note: SCAN can provide ASP Baton certification and training to both law enforcement and corporate security personnel
Gemtech - Gemtech is a leading provider of firearm silencers for government, law enforcement, military and qualified civilian applications
Glock - GLOCK provides pistols for many of American's most elite law enforcement agencies
Heckler & Koch GmbH - HK currently manufactures approximately 250 different models of firearms for the commercial/law enforcement and military markets