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Triangle of Personal Safety

Now Available for Pre-Release Sale

The Triangle of Personal Safety for Working Women will retail for $19.95, but you can enjoy considerable savings by ordering in advance of the release date.

The only guide to personal safety written specifically for working women, this book teaches a new approach to personal safety that dramatically improves a woman's ability to protect herself from violent crime in the workplace. The techniques outlined are based on new findings in criminal psychology, combined with the latest methods used by bodyguards, police, public safety officials and security experts.

Author Michael J. Pocock shows you exactly how to:

  • use a simple 3-step technique (called the Triangle of Safety) to maintain your personal safety in any situation
  • adapt everyday items for use in self-defense
  • develop a defense strategy based on your individual abilities

Readers are given the capability to protect themselves without needless worry or avoidance. Women will feel safe at work and stop living in fear.

Rat/Cat Manual of Executive Protection

Developed by SCAN instructors to accompany the 3-day Executive Protection Training seminar. This handy guide provides both fundamental and advanced instructions on how to protect others.

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