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About SCAN

The Specialized Criminal Analysis Network (SCAN) is a Security Consulting Firm based in Columbus, Ohio.

All SCAN consultants are commissioned law enforcement officers or possess specialized military backgrounds. Our investigators and instructors are highly experienced in their fields and utilize the latest in tools and technologies to address the specific needs of the client.

SCAN is one of the few PI firms in the world that posseses all ten characteristics of a professional detective agency:

1. Law Enforcement Experience
All SCAN detectives have experience as a detective or investigator in law enforcement. Conventional PIs often work as cruiser officers and therefore have no experience with complex cases.

2. Ex-Military
SCAN detectives have military backgrounds with emphasis on intelligence gathering and special operations.

3. Strong Working Knowledge of the Legal System
SCAN detectives have the experience to testify in court and are familiar with both state and federal procedures.

4. Registered and Insured Ohio Corporation.

5. Qualified to Use the Appropriate Response to Resistance
Professional PIs are qualified to select and use the most appropriate response to resistance from a variety of options, in order to minimize physical violence. Conventional PIs employ a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

6. Genuine Interest in the Client
SCAN detectives understand that cases are important to a client even if they seem trivial to everyone else. SCAN will "get involved" and show compassion and interest in the client.

7. Resourceful
SCAN detectives "have the connections" to obtain information from confidential sources.

8. Technologically Advanced
SCAN has access to the latest technology as well as advanced computer databases, which lead to highly effective results.

9. Always On Call
SCAN detectives return phone calls promptly, including the ones they receive at 3 AM in the morning.

10. The Right Image
SCAN detectives make a good first impression and are fit for duty. SCAN maintains a professional approach at all times.

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